• elegant without losing lively girl

    At three thirty in the morning. Oh, I'm not insomnia, sleep naturally wake up early after! Four weeks quiet, in such a beautiful night, thoughts are a powerful and unconstrained style some of the messy!




    Boya sub period, the high mountain and flowing water bosom friend is always hard to find, Teresa Teng sang: geometry can be confidant in life, lose the power of life is not bad! And I'm always glad, can meet a person at every stage of life!


    Some of it is not to say you know! Heart of the matter is not happened one or two times. In such a quiet night, I miss you quietly! No way, no affectation, I just want to at this moment, love for you to write!



    Know the heartbeat feeling? Is hold you panic feeling! In the most powerful and most sad, want to quietly holding you, not to you as Mr. pig, because you are you, I was at that moment, the people most want to cling to reenex效果!


    Friends said that my eyes as long as men are handsome, in fact, apart from my Yue sir, I am not interested in a guy, usually are nothing but boring playing. Of course, friends in my eyes is men and women without the other, brother was to be a girl, good close friend could be a boy. Can not be denied, I will always be a temperament elegant without losing lively girl impressed, such as you, such as repair......


    Notice that every day I send you messages in the last sentence? General: I declare you, good night! A few cases are: I love you, good night! Ha ha, this minority is or you or my mood deviation is big time. Ha ha, notice the tiny difference? I declare you these three words are the usual mood, I love you, not love between a man and a woman, I feel not roll call time on your expectations, looking for a hug, expect a greeting......


    Still want to explain, I'm not gay, I'm very normal! But the girl is really like, over the general feeling among friends, but not the love of men and women, I think, the girl is know iConcept!

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